Monitoring and positioning

We specialise in providing position data during complex positioning operations, particularly during the immersion of structures.

Our sister company GEOCON B.V. is specialised in various dimensioning systems and has the expertise to handle the complete immersion dimensioning and system integration for high precision immersion tolerances. At the beginning of a immersion tunnel project we suggest an early involvement and coordination between construction design and immersion design, as this can bring many economic benefits.

With extensive knowledge and experience in the field of surveying, positioning and measuring, Geocon is a household name in the world. Geocon is specialised in providing position data during complex positioning operations, especially during the immersionof structures. Geocon belongs worldwide to the top players in this market.

Supporting a risky underwater positioning operation means more to us than just presenting numbers. Think of it:

  • A tailor-made measuring system for each project.
  • Immersion with or without measuring mast and/or access shaft.
  • Live visualisation of all required immersion parameters, such as winch forces, jacking pressures, ballast water levels, position, depth and camera images.
  • Remote control of pumps and actuators of the ballast system and control of hydraulic systems using solenoids.
  • During sandflowing, we monitor flow rates, pressures and density and use the long-term settlement monitoring active up to completion of shell construction.
  • After immersion, we monitor settlements [manually or automatically], jacking pressures, joint measurements and air quality.

Peter van Westendorp

Directeur Strukton Immersion Projects

+31 (0)6 53 73 13 44

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