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Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology - Busan Geoje Fixed Link

The Busan Geoje Fixed Link project is one of the landmark projects in South Korea, providing a road connection between Gaduk and Geoje Island near to the city of Busan at the Southern tip of the Korean peninsula. The project consists of two Cable Stayed Bridges, an Immersed Tunnel, rock tunnels and it  has a total length is over 8 km.

This paper will focus on the immersed tunnel part of the link and the particular challenges that the project faced in designing and constructing the  tunnel, these challenges required a significant evaluation in immersed tunnel technology. The tunnel consists of 18 tunnel elements and has a total length of 3.6 km. The tunnel location was characterised by the following conditions:

  • a large depth, maximum depth of the tunnel is 48 m below sea level.
  • the tunnel is located in a seismic sensitive area.
  • the tunnel is founded largely on weak marine clay, but parts also on bedrock.
  • part of the tunnel was constructed on a sub sea embankment which is also founded on a weak marine clay.
  • the tunnel has been constructed in a location that is facing to the Sea of japan and is exposed to a severe wind and wave environment with large long period swell waves present for part of the year.

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