Strukton Immersion Projects

Strukton Immersion Projects B.V. is the specialist company of Strukton Civil for the floatation, transport and immersion of tunnel elements and caissons. The name Strukton Immersion Projects expresses our international field of work and ambition.

Our expertise

Floating, transporting, imersion and sandflowing.

The scope of work for Strukton Immersion Projects includes the engineering, preparation and execution of the immersion processes including the necessary marine works.


For wind turbines, bridges and platforms.

We not only install tunnels, but also foundations for windmills, bridges, flood defenses and platforms. We also do the engineering, preparation and implementation for this.


Working under atmospheric pressure, but underwater.

We place former habitat constructions for inspections, maintenance and emergency repairs under water. This creates a dry and safe working area.


For high precision and reliability.

We specialise in providing position data during complex positioning operations, particularly during the immersion of structures.

Monitoring and positioning

Failure is not an option

One of the riskiest moments in tunnel construction is when the tunnel elements are sunk. Failure is not an option, because the potential (economic) damage in the event of delay is too great. Naturally, a specialist is selected who has proven his capabilities in difficult immersion projects. Immersion Projects is one of the world's top players in this market.

Peter van Westendorp, Director SIMP

Our latest project video

The 1915 Çanakkale Bridge. A bridge with the largest span in the world, no less than 2,023 metres! Two large pylons carry the bridge, which is 3.5 kilometres long in total. They are mounted on two enormous caissons that Strukton Immersion Projects immersed within millimetres.

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